Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Wonder ...

Overrated?: How does the No. 18 team in the country lose in overtime to an unranked team with a quarterback who threw four first-half interceptions? Ask Tennessee, which lost 27-24 in OT Monday night against UCLA. Bruins quarterback Kevin Craft threw four first-half picks and still the Volunteers found a way to lose. UCLA fans will again honk that USC's monopoly is over, but here's a thought: maybe Tennessee isn't who we thought they were?

Overlooked?: You can tell we're getting close to the start of football season. When else can Major League Baseball see two cycles on the same day for the first time since 1920 and there's hardly a peep about it? Congrats to Seattle's Adrian Beltre and Arizona's Stephen Drew, who each accomplished the feat on Monday. Someone has to acknowledge this latest bit of history ...

Overprotective?: Is Shawne Merriman's decision to play with two torn knee ligaments rather than have surgery a dumb one? Absolutely, but who are we to tell him what to do with his life and career? That's the football mentality -- play through the pain. And considering the Chargers have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl this year (never thought I'd ever type that about a Norv Turner-coached team), can you really blame Merriman for wanting to be on the field?

Over His Head?: Welcome to Michigan, Rich Rodriguez. How does that season-opening loss to Utah taste? It can't really be that much worse than last year's loss to Appalachian State, can it? And surely you're not having buyer's remorse after watching West Virginia light things up against Villlanova. Pat White -- yes, that Pat White -- threw five touchdowns. Without you, Coach-Rod.

Overhyped?: Virginia Tech lost its season opener -- and probably any hope at a BCS game -- with a loss to East Carolina. Yes, Division I-AA East Carolina. On a blocked punt. The Hokies got beat by Beamer Ball. I bet that felt real good, didn't it, you turkeys. Clemson may be the most overhyped team in the ACC after getting thumped by Alabama, but Virginia Tech isn't that far behind.

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