Monday, December 21, 2009

Sports Round-Up, Volume 7

You Think They'd Learn: While Georgetown plays most of his home basketball games at the Verizon Center, the Hoyas play one game a year at the tiny McDonough Arena -- usually against a team Georgetown thinks it can handily defeat. In 2006, Georgetown played Old Dominion in McDonough Arena -- and the Monarchs, who admitted they took the scheduling personally, walked away with a convincing win. This past Saturday, ODU and Georgetown, the No. 11 team in the country, met in McDonough again, and again ODU came away with the victory. ODU, the preseason favorite in the Colonial Athletic Association (and, in the interest of full disclosure, my alma mater), is 3-0 all-time against Georgetown at McDonough, which makes me wonder ... when do the Hoyas stop scheduling the Monarchs there?

NFL -- No Heart League: Had Chad OchoCinco decided to wear the No. 15 in Sunday's loss at San Diego to honor his fallen friend and teammate Chris Henry, the NFL would've fined him for breaking its uniform policy. Far be it for me to be an OchoCinco apologist, but in this instance, I would've been firmly in his corner. I understand the NFL has rules, and its strict adherance to those rules plays some part in the league's success, but to fine OchoCinco for honoring his late friend? Could the NFL have really been that cold and heartless? Thankfully, we didn't have to find out. Even though the Bengals lost after a rough week, I'd like to think their collective effort honored Henry just fine.

Time to Panic?: Are the Minnesota Vikings getting bored in the lead-up to the playoffs, or are they actually regressing? After having their butts handed to them by the Arizona Cardinals three weeks back, the Vikings never got going in Sunday night's loss at Carolina. With two losses in their last three games, the Vikings don't seem to be in the running anymore for the NFC's top seed -- and if they're not careful, they might lose the No. 2 seed to the Eagles. Minnesota obviously misses E.J. Henderson -- who broke his leg against Arizona -- on defense, and there's something missing on offense. Brett Favre looks pedestrian again -- and he's fighting with coach Brad Childress -- and Adrian Peterson rushed for 19 yards against Arizona and 32 against Carolina. Panic time in Minnesota? Not sure, but Vikings fans might want to have their fingers on the panic button, just in case.

My Tiger Thought: I don't really care what Tiger Woods did or didn't do; he never really marketed himself as a stellar family guy. He marketed himself as the world's best golfer, which he was and is. The reports of his flings just bore me, and I don't need an apology from him. He doesn't need to grovel at my feet, nor those of the fans or the media. Woods has just one person to answer to -- his wife -- and she's apparently going to respond with a divorce filing. That's as far as this thing should go, but with our media the way it is these days, with the TMZs and New York Posts of the world, we take entirely too much pride in tearing down someone we put on the highest of pedestals. Guess what? Tiger's human, and he's just as capable of huge blunders and mistakes the same way we are. Please, back off ... I'd rather hear more Brett Favre retirement talk.

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